schnee stock parade
deutsche Fassung
snow stick parade
english version
Oberwart 1998
texts by:
peter nesweda 
franz niegelhell
vitus h. weh


Andreas Lehner's installation "Snow Stick Parade" outlines a walk through the centre of Oberwart. The installation covers the main square of the town which usually functions as a bus stop. During a 16 day period the bus stop will be moved elsewhere. The main square will then be able to be used for other purposes. 

One area will be converted into a street cafe serviced by Oberwart's restaurateurs. 

The path leads to a more run-down area, the so-called "Rotunde", where cattle is auctioned. 
Up until recently these buildings played an important economic role for Oberwart, but now they have become a blind spot considering their centrality. The Rotunde itself is an architecturally interesting building and is considered by the artist an alternative town centre. 
Another part of the project leads across a school and the form of the installation in this area was developed together with the pupils. 
From there the Parade leads back to the main square.

Snow Sticks

The installation consists of 3500 snow sticks which are in general use throughout the winter to define paths covered up by snow. A visual guiding system has developed over many years and is immediately recognisable and accepted by most people. This concept is also used in the art work only with an added strategy using a dislocation effect in order to disrupt the usual patterns of perception and to provoke a reaction to the public space in question.